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An Open Letter, by Ben Stone (aka “The Bad Quaker”)
8/14/2021, Gulf Shores Alabama

To: All Quakers, non-Quakers, and all abolitionists.
Also To: All who wish to use intimidation, financially, politically, or otherwise, to force anyone to be injected with anything against their free will.

The Society of Friends has been called many names during its 370 year history, many of those names being intended as derogatory slurs. However our most common name is simply “Quakers”.

Quakers were a tiny minority in England in the mid 1600s, and an even smaller minority in Puritan dominated New England. They were distrusted, misunderstood, and discriminated against to the point of torture and even death, for their faith and practices. Laws in New England had long stated that Quakers could not meet together, but were required to attend and pay money for the Puritan church meetings every Sunday.

The Quakers, being a small and weak group of mostly pacifists, had little to no legal rights and no way to stand up for themselves using conventional means. So they stopped being conventional. The principle here being that the Quakers didn’t believe they should be forced or intimidated into actions, no matter the action. All actions, the Quakers believed, should be done by choice. And as soon as threats of violence or intimidation enter the equation, choice is gone and one is morally obligated to protest. To Quakers, this is the way. We are required by our conscience to resist in any way feasible!

It is our charge and our duty to be examples to the world, not in word but in action. Granted, there is always an element of risk when one physically expresses their intentions to defend the rights of others, but to not do so when the weak are threatened is the very pinnacle of cowardice.

It was by this principle that Quakers demanded the right of women to own and inherit land 370 years ago, and that humans had no right to own another human and that slavery in all its forms must be denounced. Some 150 yeas ago Quakers demanded that Native Americans imprisoned on reservations be given legal rights and fair sustenance. And only 80 yeas ago Quakers demanded that Japanese Americans imprisoned in internment camps be given proper treatment. Quakers were the first to stand up for the weak on every one of these issues. Additionally Quakers stood for peace in the 1960s before hippies realized there even was a war in Vietnam.

It’s easy now, in the comforts of our time, to look back at these old condemned practices and wag our heads at the common evils of our forefathers. After all, we are modern enlightened beings, not the knuckle-dragging bruits who enslaved or rounded up those “lesser people”. But when we use economic threats and intimidation to force people to set aside their religious or moral beliefs and submit their bodies to unwanted intrusion, are we different than those bruits who went before us? Are today’s enforcers different from the enforcers of previous generations?

While it is often, if not always, the knee-jerk reaction of those in power, be it political, physical, or economic power, to enforce their will upon weaker people by threats, intimidation, or physical punishment, it is never morally justifiable nor is it even profitable in the long run. But force and intimidation seem to be the only tool in the tool box of tyrants and would-be enforcers. It is a sad condition of humanity, and those of us who recognize it are bound by duty to fight against it.

In fighting force and intimidation, we seek to improve the human experience. We seek to liberate humanity from the desire to dominate and own other humans. This is the root of the abolitionist cause, to bring freedom to those who cannot fight for themselves.

It should be noted that the desire to dominate other humans is the very foundation of slavery. One cannot be a slave master without the desire to own and dominate other humans. The two are inseparable. And using economic domination/intimidation by threatening a person’s livelihood for the purpose of making a political statement is one aspect of enslavement.

Make no mistake, every evil committed by our forefathers was justified by the myth that it was for the greater good of society. After all, it was said, Western Civilization would collapse if they let mere women own land. And clearly, they believed at the time, the darker skinned people were created to serve the lighter. Again, our forefathers truly believed they had the God given right to the New World, and the “savages” must be subjugated at all cost! And as the family members of dead servicemen were still being notified that their brave sons had died at Pearl Harbor, who could argue in defense of Japanese Americans who were being rounded up and shipped like cattle to camps?

The answer to that question is that very few stood up for the weak and the poor. But Quakers did, and some good people noticed and fought with us against these evils.

Today that old argument is being handed to us again by the politically and financially powerful. Give up your right to choose what is done with your body because it’s for the greater good. Accept what is handed to you by your masters because they own your body and they know what is best for all of us.

The principled Quaker must resist this tyranny just as we have for 370 years. If we fail to do so today on this topic, we fail to stand up to the standards set forth by George Fox, Mary Dyer, and Lydia Wardell, among countless others who paid with their own blood, for our freedom. And some paid much more.

To be clear, if you believe you should be injected, then be injected. I won’t object. It is the use of political or financial intimidation to tell you what must and must not be done with your body, that I denounce!

If you are moved by this letter, please copy it and send it to someone you care about. More importantly if this letter offends you, please copy it and send it to others like yourself.

Ben’s third book is HERE! It’s a historical novel/Viking saga based on real people and real events.

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Anarchist to Abolitionist: A Bad Quaker’s Journey

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Part 1: Peaceful Sedition
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Part 2: Simple Sabotage
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Part 3: Ethics Based Selective Irregular Warfare
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Hard copies of the book SEDITION SUBVERSION AND SABOTAGE FIELD MANUAL No. 1, A Three Part Solution to The State are sold out and will not be republished.

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UPDATE! Liberty Under Attack Publications has done exactly what the previous sentence suggested! Ben’s first book is available in hard copy HERE.


Part 1: Peaceful Sedition

Chapter 1 – Shane Radliff
Chapter 2 – Melissa Rajkovich
Chapter 3 – Dave Driscoll/Dianna Keiler
Chapter 4 – Jeremy Henggeler
Chapter 5 – Dianna Keiler
Chapter 6 – Shane Radliff

Part 2: Simple Sabotage

Chapter 1 – Merrick VanLandingham
Chapter 2 – Shane Radliff
Chapter 3 – Mark Taylor
Chapter 4 – T-Feen
Chapter 5 – T-Feen

Part 3: Ethics Based Selective Irregular Warfare

All – Kyle Rearden
Conclusion – Shane Radliff


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0456 pc391 The End of The End


In Part Two of The End, today Ben Stone and Cody Wilson finish the Bad Quaker podcast.



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Ben Stone With Michael Dean on the Radio

Ben Stone and Michael Dean are adopting and adapting the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts of World Service of Alcoholics Anonymous to treating the disease of Statism, the disease of clinging to bad ideas, and the disease of clinging to bad people.

Today’s show covered Step 10; We continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. But you can hear all the past episodes and follow along with new episodes as they post at the Freedom Feens site. For a complete list of radio stations that broadcast The Freedom Feens Radio Show CLICK HERE.

Now broadcasting on WRMN, serving Chicago.


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The Beyond Civil Disobedience Series

The Complete Beyond Civil Disobedience Series (now with ads removed)

Beyond Civil Disobedience Part 1
Beyond Civil Disobedience Part 2
Beyond Civil Disobedience Part 3
Beyond Civil Disobedience Part 4
Beyond Civil Disobedience Part 5

If you like this series you may want to check out the book SEDITION SUBVERSION AND SABOTAGE FIELD MANUAL No. 1 : A Three Part Solution to The State, available HERE as a paperback or HERE as a free download.

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A Silly People, Insignificant

A Little People, A Silly People, Greedy, Barbarous, And Insignificant


A recent headline at Lew Rockwell dot com announced; “The Non-Stop Drive for Secession” with the sub-heading, “Catalonians lead their country to total independence.”
“Total independence?” Really? How silly are these people? How desperate to believe, how desperate to grasp at any straw, how willfully blind are they and how blind and stupid do they think we are?
The article is a re-print from Russia Today, the American mouthpiece of Russian propaganda. That’s not to say that Russia Today doesn’t occasionally stumble over the truth. It does occasionally print the truth, as does the BBC, Fox News, CNN, and NBC. You just have to keep in mind that literally every piece of “news” spewed from these sources is coming directly from the mouth of the State. (Or perhaps some other orifice of the State.)
As obvious as the above statement should be, the first paragraph of the article should stop Ancap readers dead in their tracts. It reads; “Catalonia is preparing its own tax system, and creating a network of foreign missions as it prepares for a snap regional vote on independence.”
Someone please explain to me why Rockwellian/Paulian Ancaps get all giddy at the idea of slaves voting in a new master. Please explain how a local boot on my throat is preferable to a long-distance boot on my throat. Please explain to me why self-described Ancaps think that when bandits in Washington DC rob you it’s a bad thing, but when a local government sends pigs to kick in your door, drag you into your yard, hold automatic weapons to the head of your child, and ransack your home, it’s somehow acceptable.

Yes, that is a straw man argument. Rockwellians don’t actually think local thugs are good. They just choose to leave that part of the argument out when singing the praises of secession. My friends, that’s why I’m here. To shine the light exactly where others don’t want to look. In this case it’s on small local government.

Think about this fact; who is more likely to drag you out of your car and beat you because you don’t have the right attitude? Who is more likely to transpose an address on a warrant and kick in your door rather than your neighbor down the street? Who’s most likely to kill your small business because you didn’t grease the right palm. Who will send a building inspector to poke his nose in your life and force you to use an acceptable electrician, a union plumber, and an authorized roofer who employs workers with their proper papers? To whom do you pay the never ending property taxes that prove you don’t actually own the land you live on? Who issues you a permission slip to drive your car? Who issues the permission slip that allows you to arm yourself, and who decides what tool you may or may not carry for your own protection? Anyone who has ever had a negative one-on-one engagement with a local cop, anyone who has tried to start a small business, anyone who has ever attempted to improve the structure of their home, and anyone who has ever looked at their property tax bill should understand that the first line of oppression is and always has been local government.

Sure, the US federal government is a hideous demonic beast. No doubt about it. Sure the US federal government employs professional killers and rains death upon the innocent of the world. That’s not news. We all know that. I’ll go so far as to say that if your skin contains too much melanin and you live in a land that has a weak central government, and there happens to be oil under the land you live on, or poppies tend to grow well in your climate, then you need to fear the DC Beast and its brainless goons who enforce its will. But for the average American living in North America, working a job, commuting on American highways, living in an average ranch style house with a dog in a fenced yard and 1.6 children attending school; your local government is a far greater threat to your life and liberty than the 535 members of congress, the 9 members of the US Supreme Court, and the President and Vice President in Washington DC. And secession will not remove the boot from your throat! The reason secession won’t remove the boot from your throat is because the foot in that boot is attached to a pig that lives in your town! That’s right, almost all government is enforced locally!

The time has come for Ancaps to face the facts. Government is not the problem. The problem is your neighbor who believes in the religion of Statism. And it doesn’t end with that neighbor, it extends across your town, across your county or parish, and engulfs the state or province you inhabit. The problem is that so many people have such unwavering faith in the State. So long as that faith is central to the belief system of so many people, it won’t matter how many secession movements crop up.
Remember this central fact; all governments started as small local bands of thieves. Secession won’t change the nature of government. If your computer gets bogged down with programs, restarting it may clear out the cob webs, but it’s still a computer when it restarts. Restarting a computer doesn’t transform it into a sandwich. It will be the same thing it was before the restart. The same goes for government. A secession or even a revolution simply restarts the same Beast. It doesn’t change the Beast into another creature. Making a Governor into a President doesn’t change the nature of the thug. Making a Mayor into a virtual local dictator is not the path to freedom.

Believing secession is the path to freedom is literally a non sequitur. One simply does not lead to the other. It never has. There is no mechanism connecting the two. Secession is the simple exchange of a far-away master enforced locally, to a local master who can look you in the eye as his pigs rob you. The boot has the same laces and contains the same foot. The 9mm dum-dum and the dummy who fires it on command will be exactly the same no matter if their marching orders are issued from a federal building in Washington DC or if they are issued from your local City Hall. Ancaps who believe secession will lead to freedom have either failed to think through the implications, or are quietly hiding their true faith in a violent uprising and expect a small local government to be easier to overthrow than a large one. But this is not a fight that can be won with revolution. Governments exist because people want governments to exist. The battle is in the hearts and minds of those who are creating a market for government. Prohibitions of any kind always fail. Overthrowing and prohibiting a small government can never work so long as there is a market for government.

Secession is accomplished using one of, or a combination of, two activities. Either by petitioning a government for permission to secede, or through armed conflict. Armed conflict for the purpose of secession usually turns into revolution and no revolution has never produced a free people. Revolution is a violent bloody process that, if successful, exchanges the old tyrant for a new one. Petitioning the government, whether by voting or any other process, is the act of using government to archive your desires. Ancaps should realize that any use of government is immoral, and attempting to use government to defeat government is just down right silly. In addition to which, again, it has never produced a free people. Secession is much like alchemy. It seems to make sense, requires lots of faith, and will never produce what it advertises.

When I view the landscape of Ancapistan with all of its infighting, inconsistencies, and hero worship, I am reminded of the words of T.E. Lawrence in the classic movie Lawrence of Arabia. To paraphrase, I would say; “Sherif Ali, so long as the Ancaps trust in secession, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and insignificant, as you are.”

Ben Stone
March 2015

Addendum; added the evening of March 2nd, 2015

If you ever want to see what non-libertarians and non-ancaps think when they hear the typical “end the Fed” and “secession is the road to freedom” crap, have a look at the TV show Better Call Saul, episode Alpine Shepard Boy. Take special note of the crazy rich guy who prints his own money. When you talk about secession, that’s how the unwashed masses see you.

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The Complete Bad Quaker Series on WAR! & other select shows

PLEASE NOTE: All the podcasts on this page have been edited to remove all ads and all time sensitive material such as travel updates and things not addressing the main topic of the podcast.

The Complete Bad Quaker Series on WAR!

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0455 pc390 The Beginning of The End

In Part One of The End, today Ben and Ki begin to cover the topics of the last Bad Quaker podcast.

The bad audio is brought to you by a combination of a pretty Apple computer combined with the magic of Skype. In other words, overpriced crappy hardware and over-engineered spyware…


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0454 pc389 The Basics With Neema Vedadi

Ben Stone talks with Neema Vedadi about the basics.



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0453 pc388 Ben, Jim, and George, Jury Nullification

Ben Stone talks with George Donnelly and Jim Babb about jury nullification and activism.



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0452 pc387 From Copypasta to Slave Hair to Holy Moly

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone and Ki Vick

Ben and Ki talk about everything from copypasta to slave hair to selling cigarettes.

Today Ben Stone and Ki Vick talk about podfade, lack of audience feedback, stupid audience feedback and the frustration of feeling like you’re wasting your time, the Navy Seal Copypasta, torrents, Cheap Pot Shots at Holy Moly, being poor and selling cigarettes, To Hair or Not To Hair, being  a slave, killing you with your car, and Michael Hastings murdered.


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