What is a “field manual” and why not just a book?

What is a “field manual” and why not just a book? by Ben Stone

The world is filled with books that few read but many pretend to have read. The so called “liberty movement” is awash with liberty cheerleaders, liberty gurus, and liberty pretty-boys rewriting and rewriting the same basic handbooks containing the same basic economics that Rothbard, Hayek, Menger, and Mises wrote better and clearer, or the same basic philosophy that Emma Goldman or Isabel Paterson stated with more authority and more confidence. Yet a good portion of these modern “Liberty Leaders” have never heard of or have never actually read the works of many of the most influential thinkers of our cause. Mention to them the names Herbert Spencer or Franz Oppenheimer and notice the empty look in their eyes.
Why is this?
Because they are pitch-men here to sell you the Liberty Package, not true leaders here to teach you how to set yourself free of the bondage of the State!
There may be a market demand for yet another feel-good liberty book restating the basic tenets of libertarian thought or explaining yet again why government is not a requirement for road construction, or why radical libertarians say that taxation is theft. But there really is no need for more of these books. There are already plenty of them. What hasn’t existed until now is a brief how-to manual that gives a basic outline of what to do and what not to do to bring the State to its knees.
SEDITION SUBVERSION AND SABOTAGE FIELD MANUAL No. 1; A Three Part Solution to The State, is a collaborative effort by: The Office of Sedition Subversion and Sabotage (OSSS) and the Lego Distribution Network (LDN), to do just that. To briefly explain what needs to be done and what should be avoided in the process. It is written as a provisional manual because it is intended to be updated and modified as circumstances change. And it is intentionally written in such a way as to not glorify an individual personality. This is not a book written to fluff a writer’s ego while filling his pockets with cash and filling his calendar with speaking engagements. It is a disassembly manual on how to remove the chains of slavery that authoritarians have placed on humanity.
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