0455 pc390 The Beginning of The End

In Part One of The End, today Ben and Ki begin to cover the topics of the last Bad Quaker podcast.

The bad audio is brought to you by a combination of a pretty Apple computer combined with the magic of Skype. In other words, overpriced crappy hardware and over-engineered spyware…er..software.


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4 Responses to 0455 pc390 The Beginning of The End

  1. David says:

    Bittersweet. A beautiful bookend. As much as I’m sad to see the show go, please feel my gratitude for the work. Thanks to you, Neema, Michael, and Brett (school sucks) I am an honest anarchist. Gone are my libertarian fancies.

    I appreciate the “head problems” as I used to box. It’s far too common for us “rough and tumble” types. Hopefully the next generation learns from our injuries.

    Peace be with you, brother. I follow the feens and I’ll keep up. All the best and thanks for the ammo.

  2. Benjammin says:

    Thanks Ben for all you have shared! I will excitedly await your future spots on the FreedomFeens.


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