Ben Stone’s books

Ben’s third book is HERE! It’s a historical novel/Viking saga based on real people and real events.


Ben’s Second Book:

Anarchist to Abolitionist: A Bad Quaker’s Journey

Click HERE to get it with FRNs on Amazon or click HERE to get it direct from LUA Publications cheaper using cryptocurrency.

Ben’s First Book:


Part 1: Peaceful Sedition
DOWNLOAD PART 1 HERE. 3 hours, 7 minutes. (122 megs)
Part 2: Simple Sabotage
DOWNLOAD PART 2 HERE. 2 hours, 27 minutes. (97 megs)
Part 3: Ethics Based Selective Irregular Warfare
DOWNLOAD PART 3 HERE. 1 hour, 27 minutes. (53 megs)

Play on page:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Complete PDF of the book here.

Hard copies of the book SEDITION SUBVERSION AND SABOTAGE FIELD MANUAL No. 1, A Three Part Solution to The State are sold out and will not be republished.

If you feel the need to have a hard copy feel free to download the PDF and have it published. We at Bad Quaker don’t believe in nor do we support intellectual property rights.

UPDATE! Liberty Under Attack Publications has done exactly what the previous sentence suggested! Ben’s first book is available in hard copy HERE.

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Part 1: Peaceful Sedition

Chapter 1 – Shane Radliff
Chapter 2 – Melissa Rajkovich
Chapter 3 – Dave Driscoll/Dianna Keiler
Chapter 4 – Jeremy Henggeler
Chapter 5 – Dianna Keiler
Chapter 6 – Shane Radliff

Part 2: Simple Sabotage

Chapter 1 – Merrick VanLandingham
Chapter 2 – Shane Radliff
Chapter 3 – Mark Taylor
Chapter 4 – T-Feen
Chapter 5 – T-Feen

Part 3: Ethics Based Selective Irregular Warfare

All – Kyle Rearden
Conclusion – Shane Radliff


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