0452 pc387 From Copypasta to Slave Hair to Holy Moly

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone and Ki Vick

Ben and Ki talk about everything from copypasta to slave hair to selling cigarettes.

Today Ben Stone and Ki Vick talk about podfade, lack of audience feedback, stupid audience feedback and the frustration of feeling like you’re wasting your time, the Navy Seal Copypasta, torrents, Cheap Pot Shots at Holy Moly, being poor and selling cigarettes, To Hair or Not To Hair, being  a slave, killing you with your car, and Michael Hastings murdered.


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6 Responses to 0452 pc387 From Copypasta to Slave Hair to Holy Moly

  1. Annors from Scania says:

    Regarding hair, I’ve always wondered if the many wrestling Hair vs. Hair matches stems from this 🙂

    “In the European middle ages, shorter hair often signified servitude and peasantry, while long hair was often attributed to freemen”

    “The cutting on the king’s hair would be a sign that he had lost power and would have to step down as king”


  2. a861ef03 says:

    Hi Bad Quaker,

    I’d like to see whatever archive you come up with available as a torrent. It would be a cheap way to keep the files available.

    • Bad Quaker says:

      Thanks for the input. That’s going to be one of our options. We are looking into it now.
      Thanks for the encouragement,

  3. Jamin says:

    never mind there it is… weird

    • Bad Quaker says:

      Hey Jamin, good to see you.
      The player/link software updated and has been weird ever since. Sometimes it loads two players, sometimes the link is missing. It’s buggy. I hope they update it soon.


  4. Jamin says:

    missing download link 🙁

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