0453 pc388 Ben, Jim, and George, Jury Nullification

Ben Stone talks with George Donnelly and Jim Babb about jury nullification and activism.



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4 Responses to 0453 pc388 Ben, Jim, and George, Jury Nullification

  1. Colin says:

    Hi Ben,

    Just been catching up on your recent podcasts (i.e. Dangerous History) and was thinking about your situation with respect to the future of the Bad Quaker web-site.

    I know of other people that do podcasts that automatically archive their older shows in zip files of (40) shows on sites such as scubbly.com in order to keep their hosting bandwidth costs down. This would then allow you to retain a residual income stream.

    Another thought is whether an archive of past podcast shows could be made available on a USB stick or even a copy of the forum on USB could be made available for sale too. You already have the best of The Bad Quaker torrent, which is freely available and this could be a good marketing for the archives.

    I am by no means a marketing whiz of any description but I imagine that a careful study of your website analytics would possibly give you the answers you are looking for in terms of feasibility.

    Best Regards,

    • Bad Quaker says:

      Thanks Colin,
      Some good ideas. I have had a number of people ring in with comments and suggestions. I appreciate everyone who has had suggestions and those who have volunteered to help. I have chosen a team leader who will be putting a contact list together in the next few weeks.


  2. A real pleasure, Ben, thank you!

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