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A General Theory of Liberty, Tyranny, and Sin

Disclaimer: Because of the nature of the topic, allow me to be perfectly blunt so there are no misunderstandings to clear up later. I am not writing nor re-writing scripture. I am not establishing an edict. Though I refer to … Continue reading

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The Taking and The Following of Oaths

I am a Quaker. As such I hold to one of the basic characteristics of being a Quaker, namely; I don’t swear oaths of any kind. Period. We Quakers believe that not only is it clearly forbidden in scripture but … Continue reading

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My Natural Progression from Libertarian Theist to Quaker

I’ll make every effort here to avoid allowing this to turn into a history lesson. Considering my love of history, that’ll be no easy feat. I will at very least, need to give some historical background in order for the … Continue reading

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Waffle People, or why everything you know about anarchism may be wrong

Once upon a time in a land not so very far away, there was a very happy kingdom called Waviles. Waviles had a wise, kind old king who was beloved by his people. The kingdom was located among steep mountains … Continue reading

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