Jake Shannon On Words And The Mind

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone JakeShannon

Ben talks to Jake Shannon about hypnotism, the power of words and thoughts, and the importance of responsibility.


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5 Responses to Jake Shannon On Words And The Mind

  1. Chris says:

    Great podcast – hadn’t heard of Jake before and liked a lot of what he had to say. I’d like to read a few of the papers he mentioned he got turned on to when he was at George Mason on a mathematical analysis of voting and its ineffectiveness. Tried to google what I heard as the names, but no luck – any pointers to the names, paper titles or links to where they may be posted?

  2. the second link was meant to be two separate links:


    Just in case anyone was actually tempted to listen…..

  3. Hey Ben,
    Great interview, and I very much enjoyed Jake’s description of the use of the informal logical fallacies (ad hominem, ad baculum, etc.) as well as the use of the Trivium method of critical thinking.
    If you find this subject interesting, you might appreciate some of the interviews I’ve done covering this subject:
    Thanks for making such fine audio to listen to.
    Wishing you well always,

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