Revolution: To turn around. But then where are you?

Revolution: To turn around. But then where are you? Are you not still where you were? What have you gained? A new master? A new whip? Today is Tuesday November 5th, 2013. Today some people will attend protests asking governments to behave. Today many Americans will stand in line to vote, asking government to behave. Both these activities are aspects of “the political process” and it is a form of control where people are allowed to believe they have some influence over their masters. It’s part of the illusion. It keeps the tax cattle happy by letting them believe they have a say in their fate, and it allows the masters to believe that they have the permission of the slaves.

I read a story about one of the gaurds who force feeds prisoners in the detention camp at Guantanamo. He claimed that what he did wasn’t torture. He simply straps the prisoner into a chair that the prisoners call “the torture chair”. Then he asks if they want a lubricant. Then he shoves a tube up their nose, through their sinus cavity, and down their throat. Then he pumps liquid food into their stomach. Of course they have to keep the prisoner in this position for some time, to keep the prisoner from throwing up the food. This process forces the prisoner to live longer so other methods of interrogation can be used to extract information.

The guard who shoves the tube up the nose of the prisoner justifies his action based on two things: One being that the process keeps the prisoner alive, after all without it he would die. The other being that the guard always asks the prisoner if he wants a lubricant or not, and which nostril the prisoner would prefer to have violated. The prisoners answer this question, therefore the guard justifies his actions based on the cooperation and input of the prisoner.

Voting and protesting are much like telling your handler which nostril you would prefer to be violated and how much lube he should use. Personally I won’t give him the satisfaction of answering his perverted question.

Ben Stone


And I went down to the demonstration
To get my fair share of abuse
Singing, “We’re gonna vent our frustration
If we don’t we’re gonna blow a 50-amp fuse”

You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you just might find
You get what you need

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