While Strolling Through the Ozarks One Day

While Strolling Through the Ozarks One Day

If you wander the earth long enough you can see just about everything. For example, by getting off the main road and walking along deer trails and cow paths, you can get up close to nature and see the things that few others get to see. But you have to be careful not to trespass or damage private property. And always be aware of the local wildlife and what hazards they may present. Often overlooked while on a nature walk, the danger of rubbing up against the wrong plant can cause exposure to itchy resins, like with poison ivy or poison sumac. Fortunately I know many plants by sight and I avoid such hazards when I walk in the woods.

Ben Stone

Click on the picture below to get the full effect of the flora of the Ozarks.


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3 Responses to While Strolling Through the Ozarks One Day

  1. Jim C says:

    There’s a movie title here somewhere… “Something and Something, the Road to Freedom”. Dammit! It’s on the tip of my tongue!

  2. Danegerous says:

    You can have my Mary Jane after you pry my sks from my cold dead hands…

  3. john says:

    Looks like Christmas came a little early this year 🙂

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