News Flash! Bad Quaker Has Now Joined The Dot-Bit Community

News Flash! Bad Quaker Dot Com Has Now Joined The Dot-Bit Community to Prevent Website Censorship!

I’m still trying to recover from my recent health problems, so I haven’t fully explored this. But my great friend Michael Dean is working with a guy named Jeremy Rand who has come up with a Namecoin-based Free Software program called FreeSpeechMe.

This is so you can surf Namecoin-based Dot-Bit sites. These are more secure than Dot-Com sites AND will keep governments from seizing domains.

You can install the plug-in for Windows and GNU/Linux from HERE: (Read the full instructions. The first time you run it, you have to leave it running for five hours to download the blockchain before it will work. After that, it updates silently in the background.)

So if (when?) is ever taken down by the government octopus, you will still be able to get to it from http://badquaker.bit/ with Jeremy and Michael’s FreeSpeechMe plug-in. Michael set that up for me, and it’s already working. You can view it from anywhere in the world using the plug-in.

Michael’s on a LIBERTY MISSION to spread this groundbreaking (and simple) technology to as many humans as possible “before the boot comes down.”

There are a few things on the Dot-Bit version that we need to tweak with internal links and such, but we’ll do that in the coming weeks. For now, install and start using the plug-in, and bookmark the badquaker.bit address.

There are other Dot-Bit sites up now, there’s a list on Michael’s FreeSpeechMe site. And he encourages people to start there own Dot-Bit sites (he wrote tutorials on that site), and spread this to as many people as possible.

This is a groundbreaking achievement for the Liberty Mission, brothers and sisters. An actual SOLUTION sure beats just complaining about things like we sometimes tend to do.

I’m Ben Stone and I approve this software.

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4 Responses to News Flash! Bad Quaker Has Now Joined The Dot-Bit Community

  1. Michael Dean says:

    Dennis, The FAQ on the front page of the site,
    will answer this.

    The tech FAQ will answer it in more detail:

    Short answer is yes, for DNS, and if’s files were deleted at the webhost level, Ben could upload them offshore to a different host, send a Namecoin update with new IP and/or name servers, and if you have FreeSpeechMe you’d be viewing the site again in 40 minutes.

    Tor support is in FreeSpeechMe, and will be expanded, but Tor is slooooooooow. The way I’m describing would surf as fast as this site does now.

    You know there is also a torrent out there of 50 episodes of Ben, right? Just to keep him REALLY drone proof.



  2. Dennis New says:

    How does namecoin work here? Is it just being used for dns, in which case, the websites/hosts can still be censored, or is there also a bad quaker mirror on Tor or Freenet or I2p or something? (I.e. censorship resistant hosting too.)

    • Ron Helwig says:

      Namecoin is a general name ownership system, and domain names is just one subset of what can be done with it.

      In cases like this, it does only protect against the domain name being censored/stolen, but pretty much any decent webmaster keeps updated backups that should allow re-hosting a site elsewhere under the .bit domain if the servers themselves get seized.

      • Michael Dean says:


        check out my post, ” Idea for a new utility-based non-currency coin”

        “, I think, would be something specifically designed to do all the contracts / notary / deed registration / proof of authorship / proof of identity / proof of authenticity etc.-type stuff that has been discussed for BTC and NMC….you know, the coin that would replace almost every “service” governments all claim to be indispensable to “provide.” But would do it in a voluntary, non-coercive, non-bureaucratic and much less expensive way. (Cryptocoins don’t require offices, pensions, or men with guns to force you to accept them, and only them, for services.) …..”

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