Update: Ben Stone Hospitalized, Heart Failure

For Release, February 2, 2014
Mobile AL
Update: Ben Stone Hospitalized, Heart Failure

Due to complications, possibly the result of pneumonia, Ben began having heart failure and was admitted to Providence Hospital, Mobile Alabama, on Friday January 31st, 2014.

Currently Ben’s condition is stable and he is resting comfortably, however there may be complications/damage with his heart. On Monday February 3rd, doctors will use a heart catheter/scope to determine if Ben will be released or if further treatment/surgery is necessary. At present, heart surgery is the most likely course of action, however that decision will be made on Monday. Please do not bother the hospital staff with inquiries, as they are very busy and don’t have the time to field the quantity of call that a situation like this can produce.

Financial Concerns:
Caring friends have inquired about the costs being incurred and if there is a way to help Ben and his family at this time. There is insurance in place to offset some of the expenses, however we expect the costs to far exceed what insurance will cover and will likely consume far more than the family has in reserve. Once testing is completed on Monday, a better picture of the cost of this process will emerge and we will likely set up a process so that friends and supporters of Ben will have a way to express themselves through financial support. To donate Bitcoin directly to the medical fund, please visit our Donations page, or use this QR code:

What Can You Do Right Now?
Right now you can help! Spread the word through social media, through email, and any other way you can think of. Ben Stone has been dedicated to the mission of liberty and has invested countless thousands of hours spreading the word that people are good, and people don’t need government to nurture them and protect them and regulate them and control them. Ben has argued that people, left to themselves, will care for, protect, and help their fellow man. If you believe Ben’s message, then in the weeks to come you can help prove that message.

You can expect an update here on BQDC, on Ben’s situation on Monday February 3rd, as the family is informed by the doctors. Also the Bad Quaker fan site on facebook will be updated as the family communicates with the admins there. (link above at facebook)

Lastly, keep Ben and his family in your thoughts. This is especially hard on his loving wife of 33 years, Cindy, and his 3 children and his grandson.


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6 Responses to Update: Ben Stone Hospitalized, Heart Failure

  1. Carl Shoemaker says:

    If you send me an address I would be glad to forward some money to help offset your tremendous expenses.

  2. Joseph CLark Ecklund says:

    You are one of the shining lights of liberty. Your clarity of insight has inspired me intensely. Please be well, I will have you in my thoughts.

  3. Docwatmo says:

    Dagnabit brother Ben, You get well soon and get back at it. The world needs you, I need you. Sending thoughts and well wishes my friend.

  4. Relish Ubiquitous says:

    Get well soon Ben!

  5. Carl Lehar-Mikes says:

    You are a great inspiration to me and my friends, and I am looking forward to meet you at porcfest, so get well soon!

    Holler if you need anything.

    • Carl Lehar-Mikes says:

      P.S. Depending on the severity of the operation, you might consider flying to Hungary (Europe) to have it done, as surgery tends to be cheaper there and they have lots of good professional doctors (I guess it’s because of the uplifting free market after all those years stuck under the crimson communist jackboot, even in spite of the rampant statism there, which IMO is why the rest of the EU gives them so much sh!t).

      I’d be glad to host you (or find some relatives ready to do that), or help pay the bills.

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