Important Update About Bad Quaker Podcast

Important Update About Bad Quaker Podcast

Due to on-going health issues, Ben Stone will be taking an extended time away from podcasting, radio appearances, personal appearances, the Bad Quaker Forum, and the internet in general. As the situation changes, updates will be posted here on Bad Quaker Dot Com.
We are working on the assumption that Ben will recover, and do so sooner rather than later. As we know the situation today, Ben is struggling with pneumonia and lacks the breath to speak on a continuous basis. That said, Ben is generally strong and will likely overcome this temporary difficulty.

Special notice for those who have donated to Bad Quaker Dot Com:
Funding is in place to maintain the Bad Quaker web sites well into 2015. If you have recently donated to Bad Quaker Dot Com and feel you would like a refund due to the lack of podcasts and other content, please email badquaker (at) and include the amount you would like refunded along with the date(s) that you donated and the method of refund you would prefer. We will be happy to respond.
Currently, medical bills are not an issue for Ben. If this changes, we will post an update at Bad Quaker Dot Com.

The staff of Bad Quaker Dot Com thanks you for your ongoing support and your understanding during this time.

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15 Responses to Important Update About Bad Quaker Podcast

  1. Jamin says:

    I missed this with everything going on here. Hope you feel better soon Ben. I was in a similar condition a few months ago. Much empathy on how bad it sucks.

  2. Ikefeen says:

    I hate the state, hope u get better. : )

  3. Mart says:

    Get well soon Ben!!

    I just came across this article and it reminded me of you and your pneumonia so I felt I had to come over and post it here. Hope it will help!

  4. ViktorHS says:

    Get well soon Ben!

  5. Jim says:

    Get well soon, and all that stuff.
    The mission will have to continue just a little more slowly for a little while.

  6. Ed Reagan says:

    …in New Hampshire.

  7. Ed Reagan says:

    Get well soon “Ben Quaker”, hopefully you will have a quick and full recovery and we can enjoy hanging out again this year.

  8. John M. says:

    Holding you in The Light Ben. Get well soon!

  9. Rocky Eades says:

    Keeping you in my thoughts Ben. Get well soon. We appreciate ya.

  10. Jim Bovard says:

    Good luck, Big Guy – I hope you’re back to “bear-kicking strength” as soon as possible!

  11. Thinking of you, Ben, and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  12. Joseph A. Eberhardt says:

    I wish Ben a quick and full recovery. I look forward to a healthy Ben and fresh conversations. Thank you for all you do Ben. Get better soon.

  13. Sam says:

    Best wishes, Ben! We all wish you well and hope you get better soon!

  14. Benjamin says:

    I hope Ben has a swift recovery.

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