Hour 2, Bad Quaker on KFAR 660AM Fairbanks

Hour 2, Ben Stone on KFAR 660AM Patriot’s Lament Radio Show

Ben joined Joshua Bennett on Patriot’s Lament to talk about going beyond civil disobedience and what the future will look like.


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3 Responses to Hour 2, Bad Quaker on KFAR 660AM Fairbanks

  1. For FEEN,
    I have got a lot of “Why the founding father quotes”? And I can understand from Anarchist for sure the question.
    But, I like the quotes for one, I even have a quote from Lincoln, who is revolting to me, but what he said in the particular quote we used is interesting. And telling.
    Also, our show isn’t so much geared for the Anarchist, even though we have gone through the theory over and over, and our guests are almost always Anarchist, but the Founders quotes have brought a very large listenership to our program, especially locally. We get good hearted, well meaning Statist who call to say, “I tear up when I hear these quotes” then they try to attack into us for our Anarchist views. But, it opens a door for us. Madison” Government is instituted to protect property”, and then point out how the State must first steal property in order to “protect it”. I have no problem using the Constitution against the State, and in the same minute tear into the Constitution.
    We should use the tools we have been given, not if we have to compromise, but if it is useful for our message. And a lot of things the Founders had to say, are good useful tools.
    I like to give them credit for where they got to in their time, and use that to point out where they strayed.
    Anyway, thanks Ben! You were a huge contribution to our effort!

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