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Dark Wallet Progress and The State of the Virtual Currency (Dis)union

The Dark Wallet campaign at indiegogo has raised over sixty-five thousand USD so far in combined donations. The homepage reads $37k+, but this progress bar does not account for our bitcoin donations at coinbase (an exchange service we recommend).

When the Dark Wallet campaign launched at the end of October, many expressed incredulity at our suggestion that entrepreneurs and Bitcoin thought leaders might be willing to break the essential privacy and decentralization at the core of the protocol. Well, if you were one of these people, you had a bad week.

A quick recap, because you have a busy life:

Mike Hearn, the chair of the Bitcoin Foundation’s Law and Policy Committee outed himself (again) with a proposal for working on Redlist techniques to mark certain bitcoin outputs to help law enforcement track bad actors involved in-say it with me-illegitimate activity.

Because legitimacy is the state-structured ideal that just keeps on giving (in more ways than one), startup Coin Validation has announced its technical effort to work with regulators to tie bitcoin addresses with legitimate businesses and service providers doing legitimate activity.

The petty tyrant at the New York Department of Financial Services announced his office’s initiation of a “BitLicense” program to regulate activity and services in his state.

And, mention bitcoin to your To Big to Fail Bank? They end up closing your business and personal accounts.

For more depth about these pieces of news and how they are essentially dividing the Bitcoin community, check out thisCoindesk article.
Development and Bitcoin Expo

The Dark Wallet development team will meet in Milan beginning Nov. 25, and will hold regular public meetings from thereon until December 8. The event will be held at M^C^OViale Molise 68, Milan (building says MUSEUM in big letters at the top).

Cody Wilson will be at London’s Bitcoin Expo on November 30th speaking about Dark Wallet and philosophy for digital radicals. Hit him up, and check out his interview with Max Kesier today.

Thank you for your support! We will continue to promote Dark Wallet for the next 30 days. Share the video if you haven’t already.

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For information on how to back up a bitcoin wallet please follow this link: How To Backup Your Bitcoin Wallet

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