0418 pc353 Hype, Lies, and Distractions

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The main stream media uses hype, lies, and distractions to keep you in fear and keep you dependent on the myth of the State.


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2 Responses to 0418 pc353 Hype, Lies, and Distractions

  1. IkeFeen says:


    What are you thoughts on toy guns for kids?

    I dont know anyone around my age (30’s) that watches the news. With regard to the news, Twain said: “If you don’t read the newspaper, your uninformed. If you read the newspaper, your mis-informed.” I could not agree more. Most of the people who watch cable news/read newspapers are in the 50-80 age range IMO. Most of the young people either don’t care or get their news online-which is good for us.

    • Bad Quaker says:

      I’m divided on the toy gun issue. Generally I’m all for letting parents make their own decisions and I’m against outside pressures telling them how to raise their kids. But I would prefer teaching kids how to handle real guns while teaching them respect for a very dangerous tool, rather than turning them out to pretend to shoot each other with toy guns. I see a gun as a tool like a power saw or a belt sander. I think it’s more important to understand how to use it right, rather than play with it as a toy. That said, I think punishing kids for playing is the wrong approach. I think guiding is always better than forcing.


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