But, but, but, what about the roads?

One of the wonderful things about the internet is that you don’t have to constantly re-explain the same arguments over and over. You can just point to where someone else has covered the topic.

James Corbett from The Corbett Report, covers the question; “But what about the roads?”

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2 Responses to But, but, but, what about the roads?

  1. Michigan Escapee says:

    lol. I helped build the roads when I was fresh out of college, sort of. Course that was after Engler privatized everything to hell and back in Michigan. Which meant private industry was mostly building and maintaining more and more of the roads.

    The only ones left after the wave of early retirements were those who maintained and drove the salt trucks, the roadkill pickup guys, a few of the shovel and stomp road repair people, and of course the paperwork processing bureaucracy, as well as some long in tooth engineers who handled bridge metallurgy, materials issues, etc.

    The actual boots on the ground road building and repair was done by mostly mexican crews who jumped around from state to state working different jobs. This was back in the 90s, so I really don’t know how they do things today. I did hear a few stories about them reverting some paved roads to gravel to save expenses though.

    • Michigan Visitant says:

      How was that paid for? Was the construction company granted monopoly rights of a sort? The road-building market is twisted by govt.-interference, and so the incentives & motivations of all participants are skewered.

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