0395 pc330 Age of Consent

0395 pc330 Age of Consent

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Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben and Ki BadQuakerLogo612x620

Ben and Ki talk about “age of consent” and other arbitrary lines in an an-cap society.

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2 Responses to 0395 pc330 Age of Consent

  1. Michigan Escapee says:

    I would say they should institute an “age of consent” on religion. Some parents and grandparents just have no sense when it comes to religion. They bombard the kids with too much too soon, and it simply sours them on everything, including life in general.
    Traditions and general beliefs are fine, but the fundies, and lunatic fringe should be
    reminded by others that they come off as crazy. If they teach their kids to act crazy,
    they’ll like bring down the wrath of CPS, or an angry neighbor with a lead pipe.

  2. Don Meinshausen says:

    You never got to the main point of age of consent – the age when sex is considered to be a voluntary act. I don’t blame you for not dealing with that as that question sunk Mary Ruwart’s candidacy for LP presidency or so I have heard. The various states in the USA are divided on this and most of them have raised these ages over the years and mpost are from 13-18. I have also heard that kids in Islamic lands do marry as young as 9 and these are arranged marriages and here parents sell their daughters into marriage. Should that be forbidden? I think so. I like the old way of announcing the point of maturity by re-instituting coming of age parties, debutante balls, or confirmation parties, where parents in a sense allow the kids to start dating but still have rules. What do you say?

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