0394 pc329 Justifiable War

0394 pc329 Justifiable War

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Murray Rothbard said that there have only been two “just” American wars. Murray was wrong.

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2 Responses to 0394 pc329 Justifiable War

  1. IkeFeen says:

    Give us an update of where you are on the road, i would love to meet up with a fellow who shares my philosophy if your in the neighborhood.


  2. IkeFeen says:

    I would like a white tee with the logo above please. Can some of our fellow libertarians who can make proper screen printed tees get on this. I”m in for one, i know others would be.

    Amazing podcast btw, I always HATED history in school because i could intuitively tell they were lying, but when I listen to you speak about the past I enjoy it.


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