0318 pc253 Part 5, War! The Christmas Truce

0318 pc253 Part 5, War! The Christmas Truce

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone

War! Part 5: Historian Hunt Tooley joins Ben to talk about World War 1, the Christmas Truce, and how anarchy can breakout at the peak of State power.


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2 Responses to 0318 pc253 Part 5, War! The Christmas Truce

  1. Mark says:

    Sometimes I feel that the beast of Statism is too big and cannot be beaten. I don’t usually feel that way, but if I’m in a bad mood and not caffeinated enough…

    I’ve been fascinated by the First World War, and the events leading up to it, and have done some reading on the subject. This was before my Liberty Red Pill, so I didn’t see the overwhelming Statism behind it all.

    War in general, and especially the First World War, is an example of Statism gone completely mad, perhaps even more than it is now. The State took large numbers of men out of their societies, put them in trenches facing each other, and told them to hate and kill each other.

    During the Christmas Truce, these people decided to stop hating each other, and just get along, however hard their States pushed them, even if it was for just a day.

    Hearing about this sort of thing gives me hope for the future. It makes me think that the human race has a spirit that will not be beaten down, however hard the State tries to.

    That was an excellent podcast, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it as I was making the Christmas Rounds among friends and family.

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