The 3rd annual Liberty Inspiration Award is hosting their 3rd annual Liberty Inspiration Award given yearly to 5 people who showed positive effort and energy throughout the year in spreading the message of liberty. Nominees should inspire others to step up, do something that helped to bring people together, or enlighten others by growing the liberty movement in some manner by taking on a leadership role of some sort or by creating a new platform for inspiration — whether it be media, news, music, or just speaking out in some way that may have brought about positive change. You can send your nominations to including a short blurb why you think they should receive this award.

12/22/2012,  Today the staff of Bad Quaker Dot Com submitted the following entry to Liberty Candidates Liberty Inspirations Award.
We wish Michael and Neema the best of luck.

I would like to submit Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi (The Freedom Feens) for the 3rd annual Liberty Inspiration Award.
Michael and Neema co-host their weekly podcast, The Freedom Feens Podcast, syndicated by The Liberty Radio Network and by Alterati, along with two weekly live call-in shows and a number of other projects promoting liberty and individual freedom, including hosting a popular blog with a number of talented contributors. Michael and Neema were the co-creators of a popular liberty themed full length movie titled “Guns and Weed, The Road to Freedom”. They have also worked on a number of projects focusing on liberty themed music and music videos including “Obama’s Feet Stink”, a sarcastic look at the 2012 election, inspired by a statement by Michael’s 93 year old father.
Separately, Michael hosts an interview based podcast called The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast with an assortment of guests, while Neema works with several other artists creating liberty themed Hip Hop music and music videos, including his recent release of “Guns for Everyone (Except the Government)”.
Michael and Neema have been consistent, enthusiastic, and prolific producers of liberty related media and entertainment reaching out to a young audience often overlooked by political pundits and rhetoric.

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2 Responses to The 3rd annual Liberty Inspiration Award

  1. So, Ben, you didn’t show at NEYM, when/where will we run into one another? I attended Monadnoc Meeting today and commented on the fact that they have a “Christmas Tree” (and lights) decorating the meeting house. I observed that the passage of time amends most “religions” which are formed as a response to the ‘times’ and asked what Quakers are responding to in these murderous times. [Answer: climate change – how pathetic]

    • Ben Stone says:

      I don’t know John.
      I plan on being at PorcFest in NH June 17 – June 23.
      The 2013 NEYM is August 3-8, but the Jackalope Freedom Festival August 2nd – 4th in AZ, so I’m not sure how the year will play out.

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