Water line fail and a flooded kitchen

Water line fail and a flooded kitchen.

Sorry folks, the last few weeks have handed us one setback after another.

While we mop up and replace what needs to be replaced, here is one of our most popular articles from earlier this year.

Why Must The State Forbid The Duel

The Duel

Before progressing, let us establish exactly what is and is not meant by the word “duel” for the purpose of this article. A duel is not a drunken fistfight. Nor is it to be confused with a trial by combat, although that would make a delightful subject to explore. As well, a duel, for our purposes here, is not the military clash of champions as in David/Goliath or Achilles/Hector.

We are referring here to the settling of a private dispute between two individuals. Private, meaning that for whatever reason, this dispute is taken to a neutral area and only viewed by individuals selected by the combatants as representatives or “seconds”, attending the needs of and representing the combatants, and/or by those selected as witnesses. This form of duel comes to us in Western Culture from the ancient tradition expressed in the Scandinavian word holmgang, however it was by no means unique to northern Europe. The duel, then, being private combat executed by adults under prearranged circumstances and following agreed terms, for the purpose of permanently settling a private dispute.

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