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No Article for Today
Technical difficulties at Bad Quaker Dot Com
Things should be back to normal tomorrow (Friday).

However, for your reading pleasure Bad Quaker Dot Com suggests this article by Wendy McElroy.
Forsaking Society for the State?
by Wendy McElroy

The wall separating state and society is crumbling. Or, rather, the state is taking a jackhammer to it in an aggressive attempt to control every aspect of productive and cooperative life.

Consider one small example. A few days ago, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano launched the latest in a series of so-called public-service announcements that are slated to play at Walmarts across the nation. While you are standing in line to buy a carton of milk, the Orwellian Napolitano will look down upon you from a television screen and preach the virtue of turning neighbors and strangers into the authorities for the crime of “suspicious” behavior. What next? A two-minute “hate session” in the produce department?

Read the rest of Wendy’s article here

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