Interview 1 Bad Quaker with “Jim”

Interview 1 Bad Quaker with “Jim”
Ben talks to “Jim” about his life and thoughts as an Army scout, a cop, a SWAT member and instructor, and as a independent private security provider.

Featured in this episode:

  • Jim discusses his background
  • Police work prior to and after 9/11
  • Jim goes overseas after 9/11 with BlackWater USA and other companies
  • The difference between mercenaries and private security
  • The right to defend yourself and “the way the world needs to go”
  • America can’t afford to police the world
  • Somalia and pirates, a private solution
  • The direction America is headed
  • The Second Amendment and trusting citizens
  • Term limits and government
  • Balanced budget, Social Security, and National Defense
  • Afghanistan, ten years later
  • Minimal/local government
  • SWAT, “good cops/bad cops”, federal funding, private policing

Original Intro/Exit music by Grenades?!

Interview 1 Bad Quaker with Jim

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