Episode 5 Bad Quaker Dot Com Podcast

Episode 5 Bad Quaker Dot Com Podcast
With Ben and Ki


Featured in this episode:

  • Listener email
  • A Free Libertarian Society
  • How do we move toward a free society
  • What can we do as individuals
  • The Zero Aggression Principal/Non-Aggression Principle
  • Tin Foil Land
  • The right weapons/tools to fight the State
  • The Free State Project, The Seasteading Institute, Ron Paul, voting and activism
  • Zombies, Ludwig von Mises, and old immoral people who steal batteries
  • School levies, practical actions and moral actions
  • 1964, Ayn Rand, Berry Goldwater, and the article “It’s Earlier Than You Think”
  • The State: Lies, Aggression, & Theft
  • Liberty: Truth, Non-Aggression, & the Free Market

Original Intro/Exit music by Grenades?!

Episode 5 Bad Quaker Dot Com Podcast

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