Lopez Was a Liar

Lopez Was a Liar
By Ben Stone

I would like to start this article with two separate but joined apologies.
(The word “apology” meaning “a reason or explanation” not necessarily expressing regret)
When the staff of Bad Quaker Dot Com established this site it was not for the purpose of becoming a place for news commentary. It was to be a place to explain the function of the Zero Aggression Principle when applied to a variety of aspects of life. So today, as I take an easy pot shot at the Main Stream Media, I feel a bit guilty at having brought the uncleanliness of ‘news’ to Bad Quaker Dot Com.
Additionally, when I first heard the news of the death of The Evil Terrorist last Monday morning, my first thought was that I didn’t want to dignify the moment by mentioning it in casual conversation.
Unfortunately, I am unable to keep my hands clean in this matter. The hideous behavior of the State and its puppets in the media is so appalling I just have to say something.

I will not go into the layers of lies fed to the American public by the US Government and the MSM puppetry. I will not dissect the story elements that are constantly shifting and changing each time the media or the State lays out the tail. There are plenty of free thinking people on the internet that are doing a fine job of that already, no need for my voice there. What I will do is simply tell the story of a man I once knew. I will give him some anonymity, not for his own sake but because his family could be embarrassed by my words and I have no reason to cause them pain.

I will refer to the man in my story as “Lopez” because that was his name, however there are lots of people named Lopez so it shouldn’t be a problem.
We worked together as part of a crew of 6 men in a factory in the California desert. One day while we were all together at lunch one member of our crew told of his adventures over the weekend. The storyteller we shall call Harley because he was a biker.
Harley told us how his “old lady” had left him again and how, for the last two weeks, she had not been around to do his laundry. So he loaded up all of his dirty clothes, which were all the clothes he had, and headed down to the Laundromat. As he filled the last washer it dawned on him to take off his shirt and add it to the load so it could get clean as well. It was a hot summer day and nobody would think a thing about him sitting there with no shirt.
After a few minutes of sitting in the hot Laundromat, Harley decided it would be better to sit in the bar next door, so out he went. The problem was the bar had a strict No Shirt/Shoes No Service policy. So in desperation he dug through the Laundromat trash and found a little pink girl’s shirt that had been discarded. He tore the sleeves and the neck out and squeezed into it, then headed to the bar. Everyone in the bar had a laugh and the bar tender even bought him his first round.
It was a funny little story and may or may not have been true. Bikers like to tell stories.
Here’s the problem. As soon as Harley finished his story, Lopez rang in. He told almost the identical story and claimed it happened to him that very weekend, minus the part about the domestic breakup.
Now Harley’s story was believable because we all knew how he lived, but Lopez had been married for roughly 30 years, lived in an upscale neighborhood with a large family and an extended family that spread over the entire region. Why would he be shirtless at a Laundromat or ever go near one for that matter?
So why would Lopez lie like this?
Because Lopez was incapable of not lying and he was incapable of having the spotlight on someone else. Lopez would lie casually in every conversation. Any time he had an audience of more than 3 people he had to be the constant center of attention, and he would say anything to be that center of attention.
You see, Lopez had a mental problem and needed help. He was good at what he did on a professional level and he was faithful to his wife and family, so he remained functional in society, but he had no real friends because we all knew what he was like.
Lopez would have fit in the State Department perfectly. He would have been a tremendous asset to the Pentagon or to the President’s staff. Because to be the kind of person it takes to live a constant lie, passing out lies for a living, knowing you are paid by money stolen by others on your behalf, takes a person with a mental flaw.
A person void of a conscience is an unnatural thing. It’s the sign of a serious mental deficiency. Sure, after years a person can learn to ignore their conscience, but these people who run the State have this condition all through their lives. And for the Main Stream Media to continue to spread their lies without ever seriously question them indicates a similar mental flaw.
Perhaps in a better world, there will be programs to help disabled people like this that lack a conscience. Perhaps there will be hospitals with special wards for these moral derelicts. Perhaps some doctor will find a cure for their self-centered psychotic delusions of grandeur.

Ben StoneBen

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