Ben joined Lou and Michael on actual radio, coast to coast.

Click THIS LINK and listen to Ben, Lou, and Michael from actual broadcast talk radio stations across North America. Click HERE for a list of real radio station that broadcast The Freedom Feens Radio Show.

Lousander Feen, Michael W. Dean and Ben Stone talk about the fallacy of “vote harder, vote longer.” They explain why asking for a longer leash will NOT get you to real freedom. They explain why the late rock band Nirvana is more important to your future than any political campaign, even if you hate their music.

Michael explains how Ian Freeman and Neema Vedadi helped build the distributed network that is the Freedom Feens, and why distributed networks are far better than centralized ones, whether you’re talking about software, hardware or people.

Spend Election Day With Lou – It’s not enough to stop participating in the electoral process. True liberty comes from not participating in the election results.

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