0443 pc378 Jim Babb, Theories and Chemtrails

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone

Ben Stone and James Babb discuss critical thinking, conspiracy theories, and chemtrails.



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1 Response to 0443 pc378 Jim Babb, Theories and Chemtrails

  1. David says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I’ve heard about “chemtrails” for years without any credible proof and haven’t been swayed. I’m willing to accept the idea if evidence shows up but until then I’m skeptical.

    I’m worried, as was suggested, that it’s a way to diminish other arguments. It seems to me that the well has been sufficiently poisoned to prevent a serious discussion about pollutants, soot, sulfur, and other emissions that could have a negative effect when released in the atmosphere. I’m not well enough informed to take a stance on jet pollution but I’m concerned that rational arguments could get lumped into a “chemtrails” straw man.

    Similarly, I don’t want to give statists the chemtrail straw man when we have to take a stand on drones. It seems to easy to say, “Of course he fears drones. He fears poisoned jet exhaust. He fears black helicopters. He fears anything in the sky. He probably fears the bald eagle and hates America!” I realize it’s a bad straw man but it sounds like something you’d hear on any cable news show.

    I wonder sometimes if chemtrails are a COINTELPRO project. It seems, as evidence stands, a great way to discredit liberty people. When the evidence shows up, I’ll change my mind. Until then, I’m not getting painted into a corner.

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