0442 pc377 RV Lifestyle And Liberty

Today Ben talks to Dianna and Christian about the freedom of living on the road and the RV lifestyle.



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6 Responses to 0442 pc377 RV Lifestyle And Liberty

  1. surfivor says:

    Hi Ben,

    We used to chat on TSP, my screen name there is surfivor. Remember we had talked about HIV conspiracy and how that whole argument had to be moderated and all ?
    We actually had a doctor on the thread who had worked in Africa. Someone on TSP had informed us that you had this podcast and had mentioned you had been ill. Glad you are doing better. I didn’t realize you where an RV guy, I thought you lived in Alabama or something.

    Anyway, I was staying at an outdoor world in Maine when the market crashed in 2008 and when I found TSP on ITunes at that time. I just had a little pop up truck camper. I spent alot of time and was seasonal there for a few years. I think I paid $3000 or so to be seasonal there and I left my camper up there and went up every weekend. In 2010 I bought 10 acres about an hour north of Augusta Maine and put up a small yurt. I like having a place to plant things, cut wood, grow mushrooms and all but the idea of traveling someday also has alot of appeal. I think I would get a slide in truck camper (but not a popup) someday depending on the economics or maybe a
    class B motor home. I like the idea of going south in the winter a bit, going surfing, visiting mountains and all. It seems like 100k for one of those big rigs is alot of money considering the vehicle will eventually wear out. I don’t think I need alot of space as if I am someplace warm I would be outside most of the time anyway. I think the downside is you need to own land to do gardening ..

    Have you been to cape hatteras or baja mexico ? I would like to go to baja someday for the surfing, people RV down there I think. hatteras has some good surf for east coast anyway, good fishing too ..

    • Bad Quaker says:

      Surfivor! It’s so great to see you! I remember you very well. You had some really awesome posts at TSP.
      We haven’t visited Cape Hatteras yet, and but we are considering a trip to Baja this winter. It all depends on if I can get a passport and if the money works out to drive that far.

      • surfivor says:

        Hi Ben,

        Thanks alot. TSP has not been the same since you are not on there anymore.

        I did alot of surf trips to Hatteras, but since the 2008 crash I haven’t been down there and tend to travel alot less. I used to like to stay in the National Seashore near Frisco. There is no electric hookups and I am not sure what is the max rig size, but it’s right in the dunes and the beaches on the outerbanks are miles of unspoiled and undeveloped seashore. There’s plenty of other places to camp of course there ..

        I listened to your show with Randy England. I thought there was some interesting points on the bible related to taxation.

        You must like it down south if you stay there in the summer with the heat and all ..

        • Bad Quaker says:

          Usually we try to spend the summer up north, but we had to be in Missouri this August for a wedding.

  2. Jacob Tothe says:

    What is your opinion on converting a bus, panel van, or commercial truck into an RV? I have seen some done rather well in person and online, and the startup cost is low, but it is labor-intensive.

    • Bad Quaker says:

      If you have the time and the skill level, a home build can be great. We have seen some weird goofy home builds and some really nice ones.

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