1 Lonely Bitcoin Seeking a Good Home (sold)

1 Lonely Bitcoin Seeking a Good Home (sold)

So here’s the deal. Due to several unforeseen circumstances, Ben and Cindy have been delayed in their travels, returning from Porcfest. In an RV, delayed travel means paying campgrounds more than expected. In this case, over $500 more than originally budged.

The Good News:

The sale of a single Bitcoin for the discount rate of $500 will get the Bad Quaker RV filled with fuel and back on the road with some spare change for cherry whips and chocolate pudding cups.

If you are a fan of the Bad Quaker podcast and would like to buy 1 Bitcoin for the discount price of $500, drop the Bad Quaker Staff a note at the email address badquaker(@)badquaker.com. This is first come/first served and we would prefer to trade with a name we are familiar with or at least someone who knows something about the Bad Quaker podcast.

Within just a few minutes, this bitcoin was sold.

Thank You! Bad Quaker listeners ROCK!

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