0438 pc373 PorcFest 2014 Liberty Is Dangerous

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone

At PorcFest 2014, Ben Stone talks about how the Mafia kills and how governments kill.

Philip Marshall – murdered, along with his children and his dog
Andrew Breitbart – heart attack, murdered, the only eye witness vanished, assistant coroner Michael Cormier was murdered after leaking info.
Michael Hastings – murdered (car computer was hacked) Michael Hastings was a whipping boy used as a warning to others in the MSM. Within hours of the murder, DC insider Wesley Clark (correction; Richard Clarke, so called “Terror Czar”) was on Fox News verifying such a hack can be done.
Barnaby Jack – heart attack, later changed to drug OD (tied to Michael Hastings death and the car hack)
Aaron Swartz – hung himself under questionable circumstances.
Miriam Carey – unarmed, was shot in the back of the head by U.S. Capitol Police.

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  1. Nick says:

    It was Richard Clarke (Terror Czar) who went on TV saying that Hastings’ car was hacked. He also had some intimate connections with 9/11.

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