0432 pc367 History With Bill Buppert

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone

Bill Buppert

Ben talks to Bill Buppert about history nerd stuff like Crimea and the Boer Wars.


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3 Responses to 0432 pc367 History With Bill Buppert

  1. dave w says:

    Love to listen to Bill Buppert anytime anywhere, listeners might want to watch an excellent movie “The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp”. A fine example of WWII propaganda which starts out with misinfo on the Boer War and the concentration camps set up by the British. It’s overall tone is the need to fight unfairly when fighting “evil” and the good old days of honor in warfare are gone, as if there ever was British honor in any war they fought.
    Another interesting fact of WWII history is the starvation induced in the British empire when food was exported back to England from the colonies. Huge numbers of Indians and Africans died so that white Brits could eat.

  2. Ikefeen says:

    Great to hear this conversation. Bill is always an excellent guest on any show.

    I like to see what the other side is thinking, with regard to philosophy. Many on the left say that property is theft. How do we respond to this?

    “Property is theft”:

    “I used to be a voluntaryist”:

    I have never seen you respond to these positions, what are your thoughts Ben?

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