If You Love The Internet, Set It Free!

If You Love The Internet, Set It Free!


So long as someone can simply call the internet cops, be they the FBI using SOPA, the UN using WIPO, or just some jerk or slime ball attorney sending a DMCA letter to your ISP, your web site is not really yours. Your website belongs to whoever has ultimate control of that site. Remember, censorship is ownership. And whether some fictional UN agency, some tea sipping parliamentarian, some uniform wearing two bit dictator, or some baby killing American president, decides to block you from viewing the websites you want to visit, you don’t own yourself. Whoever controls you owns you!

Now there’s something you can do!
You have the power to set the internet FREE! And you can begin the process today!
You now have the ability to speak the truth to power!

A new internet has been born! It’s based on the dot-bit names now available by using the Namecoin blockchain. Check out the video below, or go to THIS web site, and become a part of the next page in the history of how the Liberty Mission set humanity free.

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