Deeper into The South, Away From the Land of Ice and Snow

Deeper into The South, Away From the Land of Ice and Snow
Ben Stone

I could be spending my time rebutting Gary North’s latest poorly written expression of ignorance on the topic of Bitcoin, but as the old saying goes; Never mud wrestle a pig because you both get covered in mud and the pig will enjoy it. If for a moment I believed that Gary North was simply confused and was seeking the truth, I would be more than happy to try to set him straight. But I don’t believe Gary North seeks the truth. I believe Gary North enjoys the ignorance he wallows in. His position on Bitcoin reveals his true beliefs about government authority and the State in general. He doesn’t seek an anarcho-capitalist society where people follow the Zero Aggression Principle, while leaving their neighbors to live their lives as they please. Gary North seeks the ultimate State, where Puritan overlords create and enforce law, according to their interpretation of their version of The Bible. Gary North doesn’t seek the end of statism, he seeks to replace one set of slave masters with a different set, based on his version of Christianity. This is not a situation where logical examination and reason result in the discovery of truth. Therefore I have better things to do than argue with a statist. Rather, I will enjoy the warm Alabama rain as I and my wife wander southward.


Be sure and “tune in” to the Freedom Feens radio show this Sunday as I will be sitting in for Neema Vedadi. Joining Michael Dean and I will be the brilliant Kevin McKernan. Remember, all the cool cats listen to the Freedom Feens radio show.

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5 Responses to Deeper into The South, Away From the Land of Ice and Snow

  1. DocRokRx says:

    I’m bummed that I missed you coming through TN…. Oh well. Maybe next time!

  2. lol. but most of those old geezers are Gary North fans. Or would be if they heard his ideas.

  3. You give great explanations of why Gary North is a loon, then travel in the South showing a map of where you’re going to be next? Come on Ben, we need you around for a long time. Enough with the maps!

    I’m not even in a Worm-a-bego and I say every week I’m in a different location that I’m not!



    • Bad Quaker says:

      It’s ok, we’re safe. Our RV is actually a Bearcat disguised to look like a luxury RV.
      Plus, there are so many old geezers driving around the south in RVs complaining about the government, that I blend in.


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