Ross Ulbricht, Political Prisoner Held by the US Government

Ross Ulbricht Political Prisoner
by Ben Stone

It is my opinion that Ross Ulbricht terrifies the statist goons, thieves, thugs, nannies, and tyrants more than all the John Gottis, John Dillingers, Al Capones, Adolf Hitlers, and Osama bin Ladens of the world combined, because Ross stands for the only thing that can seriously challenge the power elite and the gigantic scam they call government. The desire of freedom is innate to humans, and the ultimate expression of that desire for freedom is the unhindered exchange of goods and services which have created civilization, in spite of the ever growing presence of parasitical thieves and murderers, producing nothing but oppression and lies. Ross Ulbricht stands as a testimony that no matter the level of restraint and oppression, humans will strive for the freedom to exchange in the market, and the market will respond by producing the desire of the human heart. When people want freedom and reject the oppression of government, no amount of State aggression can hold back the power of the Market because the Market IS the expression of human desire.

Today Ross Ulbricht is being held captive because the powers that be fear him and will do anything to hide the truth he stands for. Government and their lapdogs in the main stream media, pile lie upon lie in their efforts to discredit Ross. However you have a choice! You can believe the constant lies or you can seek the truth. You can trust your captors and their cronies, or you can reject your bondage and embrace that innate human desire for freedom. You can helpĀ Ross Ulbricht!

Follow the link below to learn more, and share this post with every person you know that seeks freedom. Always remember, we are and always have been the Silk Road, and every one of us IS the Dread Pirate Roberts!RossUlbricht001

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