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Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone


Governments don’t serve. Governments steal, maim, kill, destroy, and dominate. Then they lie to you and tell you they do it to serve you.

First to Serve Since 1788

By Ben Stone

Today’s podcast is not about war. At first,  I’ll begin talking about war because it’s the easiest way to show that the US government, its puppet court historians, and its public school teachers, along with the Main Stream Media and Hollywood propaganda artists, have systematically and for the most part intentionally lied about American involvement in its wars. And that these lies have lead American families to sacrifice their sons, fathers, husbands, and now their sisters, wives, and mothers, into the fires of unnecessary war.
But the greater point I want to get you to see today, is that since 1788 the American people have been in voluntary servitude to a criminal gang. They have allowed themselves to be fooled by a gang of murderous thieves called the US government. And I’m here to tell you that the story doesn’t have to end like this. I’m here to tell you that this servitude can end.

I’m here to tell you that I believe this servitude WILL end!

US government court historians call the War of 1812 the “Second War of Independence” and they claim the US government won that war.
The excuses for war, given to the American people, were that (1) Britain was kidnapping Americans and pressing them into service in the British navy, that (2) Britain was enforcing its trade restrictions against Americans trading with France, and that (3) Britain was arming and supporting the American Indian Confederations in the old Northwest Territory, which were hostile to the American States.

These are almost entirely lies.
The War of 1812 was a war of aggression, committed by the US government upon the British government for the purpose of the US annexing Canada and exterminating the native inhabitants of present day Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin.
Had the war been successful for the US, it would have quadrupled the size of the US and expelled Britain from the mainland of North America.
The war was successful for the US government in the sense that Britain was unable or unwilling to assist the American Natives, and the US forces crushed the Indian Confederacy, conquering and acquiring the old Northwest Territory. This more than doubled the size of the US.
The war was unsuccessful for the US in the sense that Britain entirely dominated the sea, and Canadian volunteers under British command dominated the land war, until the US was forced to sigh the Treaty of Ghent, which didn’t address a single official reason for the US committing the acts of war.

The truth about those reasons mentioned above being; (1) In the individual cases that the Media used to outrage Americans and drive them to war, the British were not kidnapping Americans. They had stopped a number of American merchant ships that carried British war deserters, arrested, tried, and either released or hung those arrested, according to the results of their trials. On occasion the British would fire on ships suspected of carrying British deserters, if those ships refused to stop for inspection. This can be compared to the US government’s current attempts to force other countries to turn over dissidents like Edward Snowden, or you can rightfully compare it to the current US policy of drone strikes on Americans, accused but never charged nor convicted of crimes against the state. (2) Britain continued enforcing its trade restrictions against Americans trading with France, since Britain was at war with France, and the US government and many US merchants were actively supplying the Napoleonic government with critical war supplies. This is no different that what the US is doing in Iran today and what it did with Cuba in the 1960’s. (3) Britain was NOT arming and supporting the American Indian Confederation in the old Northwest Territory. Private Canadian merchants peaceably traded with Indians. It’s hypocritical to denounce Britain for restricting US merchants supplying the French while the US was attempting to restrict Canadian merchants from trading with the Indian Confederacy.
The US government, with the assistance of the US media, lied to get into the war, committed itself to a war of aggression by invading Canada, then agreed to end the war without winning a single concession to its original complaints.
After the War of 1812, hardened war veterans were used to commit ethnic cleansing and further atrocities against American Indians, including those who had assisted the US during the war!
Since that time, government puppet historians, propagandists, and school teachers have systematically lied to the American people about this war and its aftermath.

I could lay out this same situation for the American war of aggression against Mexico, where the US government used a false flag incident and lied to get into the war, then stole the northern half of Mexico’s territory. Following this war of aggression against Mexico, hardened war veterans were used to commit ethnic cleansing and further atrocities against the southwest American Indians, including those who had assisted the US during the war!

I could say the same things about Lincoln and his deception to enter and prosecute the so called “Civil War”, and the aftermath where hardened war veterans were used to commit ethnic cleansing and further atrocities against the American Indians of the great plains and the Dakotas.

The exact same process was used to attack Spain and strip the Spanish government of its island possessions, and the aftermath where hardened US war veterans were used to commit ethnic cleansing and further atrocities against the natives of the Philippines.

The American people were openly, repeatedly, and blatantly lied to, in the justification to enter WWI, WWII, the Korean conflict, and Vietnam, where the lies supporting the Gulf of Tonkin incident were not admitted by the US government until 2005, thirty years after the humiliating fall of Saigon!

The true stories of the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Bobbie Kennedy, and the attempted assassinations of Alabama governor George Wallace, and newly elected Ronald Reagan may never be known. Lifetime CIA man, George Herbert Walker Bush, was present and on duty in Dallas on that faithful afternoon in November 1963, and it just so happens that John Hinckley, the accused shooter of Reagan, had close family ties with the Bush family; even to the point that Hinkley’s brother had dinner with the Bush family the night before the shooting. Coincidences like these should at least be part of the conversation. But sadly, Americans sit in ignorance of their own history, even the history that takes place during their own lifetime.

This is the real story of the history of America and the murderous crime gang that has controlled the US government in an unbroken chain since 1788.

It’s my job today, to tell you the news; it doesn’t have to be this way. This chain can and will be broken.
And not just in America! Governments around the world are nothing more than the most powerful crime gang in their region. These criminals want us to believe that they are our parents. They want us to believe we are children, incapable of taking care of ourselves. They want to tell us where we can and can’t travel, who we can associate with, what we can and can’t ingest, what we can and can’t own, and how we can and can’t interact with our fellow humans.

Governments are not our parents. They are kidnappers who have invaded our home and taken us captive. They ransack our home and take or destroy whatever they want, and then when they leave something for us, they expect us to be grateful. They single out a whipping boy and beat him in front of us, then they stroke our cheek and tell us they did it for our good, and they would never do that to us.
They rape us at will, in their airports, on their streets, and in their jail cells, and then they tell us they do it because they love us. They tell us they rape us for our own good. They rape us because they say some of us are bad so they have to punish all of us. They don’t want to shock us with tasers, they don’t want to spray us with pepper gas. They beat us because they love us. They beat us to serve us. And so, the Societal Stockholm Syndrome continues another generation. But it doesn’t have to continue. We can stop it by recognizing their methods and pointing them out to others. By teaching our children, and by enlightening our friends, coworkers, and neighbors, we can stop this 9000 year long home invasion by simply opening our eyes, rising to our feet and rejecting our servitude.
Governments are not our parents! Governments are home invaders! They are bloated with loot, and drunken with power. And recognizing the truth of our circumstances and the lies they rely on to continue this captivity are the first steps in taking back our home.

My wife and I walk our dog around our neighborhood.
As we do so we often see a sheriff’s car parked in front of the same house. A deputy lives there. On the side of the sheriff’s car a large sticker proclaims “First to Serve Since 1788”. My wife hates it when we see this car with its ridicules sticker, because she knows the likelihood that I’ll spend the next 20 minutes loudly denouncing the lies that bind us and the liars who push those lies down our throats on a daily basis.

“First to Serve Since 1788” is the motto on Ohio sheriff vehicles, referring to Ebenezer Sproat.
Ebenezer Sproat was a shareholder of the Ohio Company of Associates, and served the company as a surveyor.
In 1788 Sproat was 1 of 48 employees and shareholders of the Ohio Company that crossed the Ohio river and established the town of Marietta on the southeastern edge of Ohio. Marietta is considered by court historians and government stooges, to be the first permanent town in Ohio. The Ohio Company had paid the sum of 500,000 government securities (then worth about 12¢ specie to the dollar) as a down payment, with an additional 200,000 government securities remaining outstanding, to the Continental Congress for 913,833 acres in eastern Ohio.
After the coup that produced the US Federal Government, that 700,000 in securities was worth about $84,000, meaning the Ohio Company purchased a million acres of occupied Indian land from the Continental Congress, that had no right to sell it, and did so at a rate of $0.084 per acre. (math corrected from original podcast)
This land purchase was based on the Northwest Ordinance, but that document remain unsigned and didn’t become law until 1789.

Court historians consider this the “first government in Ohio” and consider Sproat to be the “first sheriff” in Ohio.
Keeping in mind, Marietta was a company town, on company land, for the purpose of making a profit through the sales of land. And Ebenezer Sproat was a shareholder in that company.
Sheriffs are traditionally either appointed by a county, a township, or a parish judge, or they are duly elected by the citizenry of a county, township, or a parish.
I have found no evidence of an election of any kind, nor any appointment by any judge in regards to the town of Marietta of the Ohio Company, in 1788. Much less an election where Ebenezer Sproat won the position of sheriff.
A private company can have private security. But can we call an officer of a company “sheriff” using only the authority of that company?

I propose to you today that Ebenezer Sproat, or Colonel Sproat, as he insisted to be called, was a self appointed sheriff, who many years after he was out of the army, liked to strut around in his colonial army uniform, telling tails of his glory days, while lording over his little company-based fiefdom. By 1803, when actual government took control of Ohio, Sproat was deposed and died 2 years later at the age of 53.

Now for some interesting facts:
Ebenezer Sproat was a colonel under Washington during the War of Independence.
There is considerable evidence that in March of 1783, Sproat was present at the unofficial forming of the Society of The Cincinnati, in Washington’s headquarters, along with Henry Knox, Alexander Hamilton, Rufus Putnam (also of the Ohio Company), Benjamin Tupper (also of the Ohio Company), Winthrop Sargent (also of the Ohio Company), and James Mitchell Varnum (also of the Ohio Company).

What does the Society of The Cincinnati have to do with a self appointed sheriff who liked to ride around on his horse siccing his hounds on whoever questioned his authority?

Lets review of the Mutiny of 1783 and its roots with Knox in 1782:
Henry Knox wrote and sent a warning letter to congress, signed by a number of Washington’s top officers, in which he stated “I consider the reputation of the American army as one of the most immaculate things on earth, and that we should even suffer wrongs and injuries to the utmost verge of toleration rather than sully it in the least degree. But there is a point beyond which there is no sufferance. I pray we will sincerely not pass it.” In the proper vernacular of the day, this was an open and clear threat of mutiny, by officers of the Continental Army against the Continental Congress. The issue at hand was pay. When rumors of mutiny in the higher rank circulated in March 1783, Washington held a meeting of his officers in which he made an impassioned plea for restraint. He assured his officers that a plan existed that would satisfy all their concerns. In that meeting, Knox introduced motions reaffirming the officers’ allegiance to Washington, helping to defuse the crisis. The officers literally swore absolute allegiance to Washington. This was that unofficial forming of the Society of The Cincinnati.

Without the support of the officers, the mutiny ended up with several thousand soldiers running amuck, while several hundreds of those invaded Philadelphia, forcing congress to flee for their lives.
Washington’s men stayed loyal, as did his officers. In staying loyal to Washington, they betrayed the soldiers who expected and depended upon their support. The Mutiny of 1783 failed.

Later, when Washington, Hamilton, and other members of the Society of The Cincinnati accomplished the coup that replaced the confederate government with there own federal government, Sproat and his cronies were setting up the other half of the plan on the banks of the Ohio River.

Eventually, Ohio and the rest of the old Northwest Territory would fall into the hands of the US government, concluding with the War of 1812 and the defeat of the Indian Confederacies. Washington had wanted this, had dreamed of this, had wrote of this all the way back in the 1760’s before the War of Independence.

Sproat was married to Catherine Whipple, daughter of Abraham Whipple, a close confidant of Washington, and also a member of the Society of The Cincinnati. Sproat demanded to be referred to as Colonel Sproat.  Publicly, he always presented himself in uniform, even into his old age. His Native Indian contemporaries called him “Hetuck”, meaning eye of a buck. It’s likely they didn’t mean that as a compliment. You see, a buck is a large proud animal that struts around displaying his rack for all to see. He’s driven by the desire to dominate his fellow males while possessing an almost maddening urge to procreate with every female he sees. In the wild, a buck is not considered the brightest of animals, especially during the seasonal rut when all he wants to do if fight and mate.

Sproat was a big man, and in his uniform with his tall healed black boots, he would have struck a commanding presence. It’s quite plausible that Ohio is called the Buckeye State today because of Sproat. William Henry Harrison, a man who knew as much about the history of Ohio as anyone in his day, may have attempted to distract attention from Sproat by linking Ohio to the Buckeye tree.

Consider the Buckeye tree, common from Alabama in the south to Canada in the north and from Pennsylvania in the east to the Rio Grande in Texas. Why is it connected to Ohio any more than anywhere else? Harrison, like a lot of people in Ohio, had known Sproat. During the presidential election of 1840, long after the death of Sproat, Ohio was bitterly divided between Harrison and Van Buren. For some reason it became important to associate Ohio with the tree and disassociate Ohio from the tyrant, Sproat. I believe this to be an act of propaganda on the part of the Whigs and William Henry Harrison.

From 1788 until actual government took over in 1803, Ebenezer Sproat was a combination of judge Roy Bean and John Gotti dominating a million acres in southeastern Ohio. With two or three of his big mean hounds, he would ride the countryside collecting land payments and protection fees from farmers. The poor farmers would pay the fees or face the wrath of Sproat and his enforcers. According to legend, punishment for not paying your fees could be light or harsh. You might get slapped around, or you might get your cabin burned. Or according to legend, the Big Buck Eye might insist on settling your fees in your cabin with your wife while you stood outside holding his horse. Either way, you likely didn’t have much choice. Ohio was Big Buck Eye’s country.

In 1805 Ebenezer Sproat died. But the legend of Big Buck Eye and his country lingered. William Henry Harrison and the Whigs buried the bad aspects of the legend in the roots of the Buckeye tree in 1840, and court historians and government apologists have spent the last 200 years recreating the story to enhance the legitimacy of the Ohio sheriffs departments.

Today, in the tradition of Ebenezer Sproat, the Buck Eye, Ohio sheriffs are here to serve you till it hurts.
On September 24th 2013, Ohio sheriff’s deputy Michael Moore was found guilty of two counts of murder.
On September 19th 2013, Ohio sheriff’s deputy Randy N. Spencer was found guilty of four counts of raping a 5 year old girl.
On August 2nd 2013, Ohio sheriff’s deputy Todd German was sentenced to 4 years in prison for possession of child pornography.
On July 29th 2013, Ohio sheriff’s deputy Michael Esposito was found guilty of stealing drugs from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department property room.
The above four cases are simply a snapshot of time, in one place called Ohio.  There is nothing unusual about the last 3 months and there is nothing unusual about Ohio. These things are happening all the time all around the world. Back in 2012, two Ohio sheriff’s deputies and an Ohio state trooper, picked up a highly intoxicated man. The man was a Spanish-speaking gentleman. After making fun of the man’s ethnicity, which was caught on dash cameras, and rather than dealing with the hassle and the paperwork involved in arresting him, they dumped the man outside a Taco Bell where they said they expected someone would to be able to understand him. Think about that for a minute!
The drunken man, having no idea where the cops had dumped him, wandered into the street and was struck and killed by traffic.

“First to Serve Since 1788”
Governments don’t serve. Governments steal, maim, kill, destroy, and dominate. Then they lie to you and tell you they do it to serve you. They do it because they love you. They do it because you need them. They do it because you can’t get by without them.

But each time a new set of eyes open and sees government for what it is, sees government as the home invader, not the benevolent parent; we come one step closer to the end of government.

Governments exists today because people believe they need them. There’s a market demand for governments. For those of us who believe in the power of markets to solve the problems of humanity, the market can solve the problem of governments. All we have to do is expose governments for what they are, and the market will demand something better. And Anarcho-Capitalists have something better to offer the market.

Governments claim they serve us, when in fact we are in servitude to them.
I’m here to tell you that I believe this servitude WILL end!
I believe people will choose freedom and will reject service, from and to government.
I believe this is not just happening in America. I believe freedom is a universal human desire, and I believe the fires of freedom can burn away the chains of government everywhere.
Government fires of war burn humanity and destroy wealth, but the fires of freedom destroy the desire for government and ignite markets to create wealth.

Ben Stone
September, 2013
Permission to reprint, copy, alter, claim credit for, or out-right steal, is gladly given because IP law is an imaginary concept made up by statists.

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  1. Wayd says:

    Excellent work, as always, Ben!

    I have mixed feelings about scrubbing any hateful, angry comments in defense of authoritarians that this podcast may receive.

    Those types of comments, (held beliefs put into words…being used to horizontally enforce an immoral position) are the visualization of an otherwise invisible problem…the belief in authority…the “state”.
    I know it gets old seeing and replying to those types of comments, but the beliefs, being expressed in those comments, ARE the PROBLEM that must be dealt with and resolved if a free society is the goal.

    P.S. I was going to say “If liberty is the mission”. Then I thought…I am at “liberty” to do whatever I want. However I am not FREE from the knowledge that many things that I want to do, or want to stop doing, all within the NAP, will result in a majority of individuals supporting the use of force to stop me from, or make me continue. I have liberty…..I want FREEDOM!

    • Wayd says:

      Upon further reflection…and reading my dictionary(I often have to do this as I have a tendency to think one thing and write something different at times)…Liberty and Freedom have pretty much the exact same definition…so if I could edit my comments I would…however…

      Liberty IS the mission!

      • Bad Quaker says:

        Thanks for the input. It’s an interesting thought. Maybe if they post a bunch of vile hate it will show others how shallow their argument is. Who knows.

  2. IkeFeen says:

    The end of the state is coming, with the ending of every day it is closer than it has ever been before in human history. Shiny badges, fancy names and uniforms are losing their luster and credibility at a rate never seen before due to the spread of uncensored information. As the state becomes more desperate and violent, it hastens its destruction.

    The good news is, once a person realizes the monopoly gang exists for profit and domination and not for “serving”, they NEVER go back. Innocents indoctrinated to worship the state CAN go toward truth and once they do, they NEVER go back and their children are raised never to worship the state. The branches of the state may be more powerful and bloated with largess than ever before, but the roots which support it are disintegrating. Thanks for the cast.

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