0408 pc343 The Unbridled Genius Of Michael Dean

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Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone MWD_scar

It’s like Adolf Hitler said; You have a republic madam, if you can keep it! And that’s how the Hero’s Journey works.


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4 Responses to 0408 pc343 The Unbridled Genius Of Michael Dean

  1. Jimmald says:

    As I have always understood the Franklin quote (regardless of whether or not he actually said it), the meaning of “a republic, if you can keep it” is that a republic sounds nice in theory, but is intrinsically a precarious thing that can’t stay nice for very long. Kind of like keeping a fire contained by wrapping it in paper, or like having a fox guard the hen house to make sure the hens are safe. Whoever said it clearly didn’t have much faith in a republic.

    • Jimmald says:

      Note also that the Roman Republic (whence the word “republic” came) turned into the Roman Empire, and, well, history repeats itself.

  2. I usually listen to podcasts while I’m driving or mowing. Most of them are liberty oriented or open source tech stuff, but two of them really stick out as great works – The Freedom Feens and Bad Quaker.

    The segment with MWD explaining the Hero’s Journey caused me to want to get over here to thank you.

    Very good and entertaining stuff.

  3. Mark says:

    I enjoyed Michael’s deconstruction of the classic storytelling formula. It’s something I sorta knew, but I have a better understanding of it with his explanation. Now, as I’m watching TV or movies, I’ll be even more annoying to those around me!

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