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The headline reads “Three largest online poker sites indicted and shut down by the FBI”
PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker attacked by government goons as the State seeks $3 billion from the companies!
Read that again! $3,000,000,000!

Being a subscriber to some of these sites, its my opinion that this is bogus.
I think this is just crap!
For me, playing online poker was a way of seeing if I had what it took to be a true table poker player. I could do this without any investment of actual money and without any real risk. This is a mater of skill and not luck.
When you play the lottery or a slot machine you are just playing luck. But table poker is skill.
Table poker is more like horse racing than a lottery or a slot machine. You have variables that are based on current conditions and those conditions change constantly. How well you perceive and adjust to those conditions determines your success or failure.
But the State wants $3 billion in free cash! So all argument stops.
Hundreds of thousands of players who never did anything wrong are punished so the State can make its point and collect $3 billion.
So I have a question; Has the FBI moved its headquarters to New Jersey yet?
Should we expect the FBI to muscle into the trash removal business or perhaps unions?
Will the FBI start offering “protection” to businesses that are “cooperative”?
Oh, my bad. They do that already with their preferred Mexican cartels in the “import” business. A business the Old Families would never has dirtied themselves with.

Bad Quaker Staff Contribution.

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