0402 pc337 Libertarian Whiners Chicken Pox and Murder

0402 pc337 Libertarian Whiners Chicken Pox and Murder LB (Low Bandwidth version)

0402 pc337 Libertarian Whiners Chicken Pox and Murder (High Bandwidth version)

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone Ben144x141

Today Ben talks about libertarian whiners, chicken pox, and murder, and why we need to choose our own battle field.


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6 Responses to 0402 pc337 Libertarian Whiners Chicken Pox and Murder

  1. Chris says:

    I found your comments about Jack and TSP at the beginning interesting. I have been a long time listener to Jack’s podcast and I really like the practical things he does on permaculture, basics of modern survival, etc. When he tries to talk about government and politics I have found him at best to be a bit inconsistent and at worst just plain wrong. I did hear the episode you were commenting on and had a “world’s colliding” moment since I just started listening to your podcast and now all of a sudden Jack claims to be an anarchist? Maybe there is something to your theory about him looking at his demographics. I was sad to hear that you two don’t have a good relationship since I think you could get him to see the light on a lot of things and arrive at a more consistent philosophy.

    I’ve really enjoyed what I have listened to so far (currently listening through your current episodes as well as the torrent of your top 50). It has helped to put words and a logical framework to a lot of what I felt / thought to be true and saw to be wrong with what we have today. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    (BTW – I think we might be “neighbors”. I work in Milford, OH right down the road from you…but live over in KY…small world!)

    • Chris says:

      Sorry – comment was for pc401, not pc402.

      • Bad Quaker says:

        LOL, no problem with the post being on the wrong page.
        Thanks for your comments.
        That’s cool that you are that close. I think there are several listeners around northern Kentucky, western Ohio, and eastern Indiana. Maybe we can all get together some time.


  2. Mark says:

    A good point was made about the difficulty in steering a car by remote control. But difficult is not the same as impossible. The Mythbusters have remotely controlled many vehicles. Steering poses problems for them, but they find ways to deal with it.

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