0398 pc333 Davi Barker Psychological Testing

0398 pc333 Davi Barker Psychological Testing (low bandwidth version)

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone DaviBarker

Today Ben talks to Davi Barker about taking the Milgram Experiment and the Stanford Prison Experiment to the next step.


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3 Responses to 0398 pc333 Davi Barker Psychological Testing

  1. aletoledo says:

    didn’t notice any change in quality. Stick with the low bandwidth.

  2. Bernie says:

    I got the podcast through the iphone app Pocket Cast. If that was the low bandwidth version then I have no problem with it at all and could not tell. However I have to confess to being 55 years old so hearing, even if I’m not aware of any problems, may not be as good as when younger. I listened to the podcast on my iphone with very cheap quality earbuds.

    You might want to track the variables Ben.

  3. Collin says:

    I would definitely prefer that the higher bandwidth version of the podcast be available. The difference in quality is pretty noticeable to me. Having both available would be a nice option but personally if I’m in a situation where I have a really slow internet connection I’ll just download the entire podcast higher bandwidth podcast ahead of time rather than stream the lower bandwidth version.

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