…and the road goes ever on…

Next podcast should be Friday June 7th.

Ben and Cindy are in the BQDC motorhome and are on the road. First stop will be the Libertarian Party of PA, 2013 Convention, Harrisburg PA, where Ben will be speaking on Saturday, June 8th at noon. Then on to Lancaster New Hampshire for PorcFest X, June 17th through 23rd, where Ben will be speaking and Cindy will be competing for culinary  honors at the One Pot Cook-Off.

See Ben at PorcFestX! Click here for details!LPPA2013

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2 Responses to …and the road goes ever on…

  1. And the funny thing is, his not voting message will actually be receptive there…. PA Libertarians tend towards anarchism much more so than most other state LP groups (at least, that’s how it was back in the ’90s when I was involved).

  2. Ben Stone will be telling the Libertarian Party of PA to not vote.



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