0381 pc316 Michael Dean Versus The Progressive

0381 pc316 Michael Dean Versus The Progressive

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With Ben Stone MichaelDean_300x500

Recently radio talk show host Michael W Dean was a guest on a radio show in California where the host seemed to use every common logical fallacy against him.


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4 Responses to 0381 pc316 Michael Dean Versus The Progressive

  1. Anyone debating a statist that needs a reminder once in a while, and has asked onself something like “I heard that strawman before, but I can’t quite put my response down” , check out the Voluntaryist Wiki!

  2. doge says:

    Larkin Rose’s arguments are garlic to these vampires. The interviewer’s “ain’t democracy great” schtick always is demolished with the “Well, how do you delegate an authority which you do not have? How does a collective have an authority that none of its’ constituent parts have?” Seen a lot of mouths hang open on that one. Sometimes they can rationalize and say “greater than the sum of its parts”, at which point I ask for evidence. Since there isn’t any, I then point out that the Aztecs believed that ripping out hearts made the sun rise. It’s a fun appeal to emotion to use if you want to mess with people.

    Moral and logical arguments tend to be more disturbing to these “greatest good for the greatest number” types. I usually respond to people framing my views as the best way of achieving that by saying, “While it is clear to me that voulntarism would be better from a utilitarian point of view (read mises), I oppose the state primarily on a moral and logical basis. It is a logically inconsistent system that papers over its inconsistencies with immoral violence.”

    All slavery arguments should be countered by pointing out that we traded chattel slavery for universal fractional slavery to the government. Still immoral, and it’s a good way to point out these left/righters, while they think they advocate lesser evils, are still advocating evil.

    Of course, when you have the interviewer clowning like this, I don’t think I could resist saying “Well, I like attacking strawmen as much as anyone, but…” to precede every response. Or going full on Alex Jones and just shouting them down.

  3. Mark says:

    Hey, Ben.. Do you charge by the hour, or a flat rate? I’m going to keep you around for any arguments I get into.

    You very calmly and logically took apart Mr. Progressive, as you always do when you take on a subject.

    Nicely done.

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