0379 pc314 Evidence We Are Making A Difference

0379 pc314 Evidence We Are Making A Difference

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone Ben144x141

Considering recent words by Obama, along with an old TED video, it’s not hard to see we are having an impact.


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5 Responses to 0379 pc314 Evidence We Are Making A Difference

  1. EXCELLENT episode. Totally tears apart the really common idiot arguments from lovers of the State.

    I’d say it should be required listening for all high school and college students, but that would contradict everything in it.


    • Bad Quaker says:

      Thanks Michael!

    • Anon42 says:

      Is that really true though? I mean people come out of schools as loyal lovers of the State, so like Michael I know the indoctrination happens somewhere. But where? It’s so hard to pin down a specific phase or event where children get told who builds the roads, that Lincoln was a hero, that Dulce et decorum est, etc.

  2. Lou G says:

    National Defense: Only the God of government can provide national defense? He uses 9/11 as an example? On 9/11 multiple intelligence and law enforcement agencies, the entire military, and trillions of dollars of resources got faked out by 19 unremarkable, goat-herding schmucks that were NOT James Bond. Great job, leviathan!!!

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