0364 pc299 A Flaw of Consequentialism

0364 pc299 A Flaw of Consequentialism

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone

Sun Tzu taught us to know our enemy and know our self, but if we don’t even understand there is an enemy we have no hope of victory.


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1 Response to 0364 pc299 A Flaw of Consequentialism

  1. Asrai says:

    I’d like to nominate this one for your top 40. I’ve found people are often quite receptive to consequentialist arguments, but since the purpose of govt is not to bestow benefits or reward personal ambition, but to reinforce belief in the state at the expense of all else, including human welfare, this approach does seem somewhat misdirected. Anyway, thanks! I hope you do more podcasts on the cult of the State.
    If you had a portal to amazon.co.uk, I would certainly use it. I’m not sure you still get a donation if I go through your link and then redirect to shop at the UK branch of Amazon?

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