I Accuse Ron Paul

I Accuse Ron Paul
By Ben Stone

I hereby publicly accuse Ron Paul (the person) of openly and blatantly violating the Zero Aggression Principle (NAP if you prefer).
Tim Martin and his team at ronpaul.com made a very reasonable proactive offer to Ron Paul, giving him the domain name ronpaul.org FOR FREE and ronpaul.com, along with its massive mailing list for a very reasonable price (a fraction of its value). Ron Paul (the person) made no response to the offer but rather he directed his team of attorneys to appeal to the UN, attempting to use the fist of international government to confiscate the property!
This is the internet equivalent of a bitter old man calling the cops because a child’s ball bounced into his yard!

Back in 2007, when Ron Paul had no interest in the domain names, Tim and his team risked their own money and put their lives on hold to promote Ron Paul and the liberty movement! They invested thousands of hours building, expanding, and maintaining their property! In those days Ron Paul said repeatedly that he didn’t understand where his internet support came from.
Well, old man, it came from people like Tim Martin who trusted you and believed in you! It came from legions of supporters Googling “Ron Paul”, then arriving at ronpaul.com and learning about you!

Ron Paul!
We, the internet, MADE YOU! You have millions of Federal Reserve dollars in your bank account because we took them out of our pockets and sent them to you after reading about you at ronpaul.com! And you reward this devotion by sending your thug lawyers to use the fist of government, to take the property that others have homesteaded and built with the sweat of their brow!

I accuse Ron Paul of violating the NAP!
I accuse Ron Paul of failing to negotiate in good faith!
I accuse Ron Paul of using the fist of government to steal what others have built!
I accuse Ron Paul of being an enemy of liberty!

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2 Responses to I Accuse Ron Paul

  1. Snowdog2012 says:

    This is a hot issue, but Ron Paul is not the aggressor here because he didnt initiate the force.

    The force initiated in a 2008 contract, breeched by the cyber-squatter.

    When that squatter signed the contract in bad faith, he agreed to any and all force against him from UDRP, ICANN, WIPO etc.

    Ron Paul cannot aggress on anyone who has agreed to force by contract.

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