On the road with connection problems

Hi Folks,

My wife Cindy and I are on the road traveling around America, and we are having trouble finding a WiFi or Hot Spot that can handle the up-load of a file the size of a podcast.
As soon as we can find a spot we will begin posting podcasts again.


Ben Stone

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5 Responses to On the road with connection problems

  1. LvsChant says:

    I just wonder if you are traveling through our neck of the woods???

  2. Are you using any kind of high-gain antenna or CPE?
    A directional 24dbi semi-parabolic can make a substantial difference in getting those weak signals. Or, if you do not want to have to position (manually or by a PTZ control), then you can use omni-directional up to 16dbi gain.
    You might be used to seeing those little ‘duck’ omni antenna on a wifi access point, but these are up to 72″ long with a type N connector.
    Let’s just say that you can pickup signals at great distance.
    (I used to have a magnetic based version on my truck a decade ago–and forgot it was on when going through an auto-car wash; lesson learned).
    Maybe when you get back to town, I can help you set that up (since you are in a neighboring state).
    Same is also true if you are using a 4G cellular connection.
    I have a setup I use to pickup the 700MHz 4G signals miles outside of their “coverage areas” and still get 6Mb down/4Mb up .

    • Bad Quaker says:

      Randall, I mostly have no idea what you’re talking about, but I definitely want to hear more. As soon as we get back to Ohio I’ll drop you a note. Maybe you can guide us to the right equipment for our next trip.
      Thanks for posting!

  3. “On the Road, With Connection Problems”………Is that the modern sequel to the Jack Kerouac novel?


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