0325 pc260 Interview With Max Abramson

0325 pc260 Interview With Max Abramson

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone

Ben talks to Max Abramson about being arrested, his trial, and the corruption of the “Justice System”.


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2 Responses to 0325 pc260 Interview With Max Abramson

  1. Max Abramson says:

    This has happened to other people who have acted in self-defense. Seeing that private citizens can stop a crime in progress with much greater deterrence than the criminal justice system makes this Dark Ages institution look antiquated and irrelevant. Where will prosecutors and corrections union officials get their money and power from if we can simply provide the deterring effect by being armed and ready for the bad guys?

  2. Mark says:

    Michael and Neema would probably say the Central Scrutinizer was out to get you!

    I’m glad you and Max were able to push through the various problems. The message is much too important to be lost to Technical Difficulties.

    It is deeply disturbing to see what what can happen when someone encounters incompetent or corrupt police, and a prosecutor who is only serving a political agenda and carving notches in their belts.

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