Don’t miss Sunday’s live call-in with the Freedom Feens

Don’t forget! Tomorrow, Sunday March 18 the Freedom Feens will have their first live call-in show. I plan to call them and I plan on listening to the show.


Freedom Feens LIVE! expands on the Feens’ weekly Wednesday podcasts, but now they’re kicking the hornets’ nest live. Talk back to the back talkers every Sunday from 5-7 PM Eastern. Call in soon, before they get droned!

Live studio number: 765-27-FEENS.

Calling is free from most phones, as most plans now include free long distance in the US. We’ll eventually be adding a Skype line for non-US listeners. Though if you have a paid Skype account, you can call our phone number on that in the meantime.

Live listen link is HERE.

Other internet and phone listening options are here.

Show Times in different US time zones:

5-7 PM Sunday Eastern time
4-6 PM Sunday Central time
3-5 PM Sunday Mountain time
2-5 PM Sunday West Coast time

Link to Freedom Feens page

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