Save money & buy the book with BitCoin or BipCoin

Sedition Subversion and Sabotage Field Manual No.1
A Three Part Solution to The State

Due to problems with middle-man companies, we have decided to sell the book directly to BitCoin and BipCoin users and we will give you shipping for free, in the US only. Unfortunately we can’t do that with Canadian shipments due to the outrageous cost of shipping to Canada, but we can make special arrangements upon request. To buy the book, use the QR or address below and send us whatever is the current BitCoin equivalent to $10. Then email us at badquaker at badquaker .com and let us know where you would like the book shipped and who to address it to.


For BipCoin purchases it’s a little different. First, there is an even bigger discount if you use BipCoin! You only pay the equivalent of $8!  THIS IS IMPORTANT! Please read: To make sure we can verify the transaction, make the BipCoin amount near $8 but make it a weird number like 599.0001492 Bips or 799.0001191808 Bips (01/19/1808 was Lysander Spooner’s birth date) then email us (badquaker at badqusker dot com) and tell us the exact amount, along with where you would like it mailed and the name we should address it to. Here’s the QR and the BipCoin address:


BipCoin QR for book